Coby Snyder

Coby is the current owner and founder of Salt Fork Armory LLC.  Current LEO, CLEET certified firearms instructor for Pistol, Shotgun, Carbine and Long range precision rifle. Coby is a lifetime member of the NRA and NAHC.   Started interest in Firearms in 1998 with S and S Arms while living on the family farm in Billings OK.  Moved to Tonkawa in 2000 and started his LEO career in 2003.  Quality gun work and giving his honest opinion of equipment, coupled with quality training is his passion.  Teamed up with some of the best in the industry and close friends that share his passion, Coby Started Salt Fork Armory LLC in 2018 with 20 years of experience in Gunsmithing and the firearms industry.  Currently Married to his Wife of 25 years with two adult children and a new son-in-law serving with the US ARMY.


Jason Burch

Jason (aka JFB) is a current LEO and Honorably Discharged Recon Marine.  CLEET certified firearms instructor for Pistol, Shotgun and Carbine Rifle.  Jason served our county in several conflicts in the mid-east with the M240 belt-fed as his primary weapon. Currently married to his wife with two wonderful and energetic kids. Jason is a Lifetime NRA member.


Phil Green

Phil Green is a Physician Assistant and currently operates his own clinic.  23 years Primary care in Emergency Medicine and trained in outdoor emergency medicine while attending the Heckler & Kock Tactical Emergency medic School.  Phil is married with two children in High School.   Lifetime NRA member



Dustin Clements

Dustin is a current partner with Salt Fork Armory as well as owner and Founder of his own Gunshop CFA, and manufacture of silencers.  Dustin is a gunsmith and precision machinist and has probably forgotten more than most know about machine work.  Dustin is a Lifetime NRA member and supporter and sponsor of Ducks Unlimited. Dustin is married with two wonder girls and enjoys a good time with close friends.